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Here is a recent case study done for a Cafe in New Jersey. I ran this the weekend of 8/10/17. Now, we always work with restaurants and bars but not too many cafes. So we did not think the results would be as good, but still would work.

I told him, let’s do a mega giveaway, a giveaway that will probably make you cringe but with that, I know we are on to a good promotion. So right away I mentioned free breakfast for a YEAR for 1 person and their 3 friends (so a table of 4). I told him, remember the actual costs, not the retail cost (value). It has a couple hundred dollar retail value, but in reality cost less than $100 to make.
Still cheaper than a radio ad..

I created the facebook targeting, created the ad graphic for the contest, and created the sales funnel to capture the flood of leads that would come in. We decided to make the post live on his page on mid Thursday, and ran it until Monday.

Within the first 2 days, and under $50 ad spend, he was already at 700 opt ins.

It was going great. In total, here are the crazy stats for the Ad Campaign in which the contest went viral:

In a short 4 day campaign, they got over 1,100 opt ins, with an unheard of 88.44% opt in Rate! Over 26,000 people saw the post. 822 Post Reactions. 49 Shares!

Not only that, they have added at least 350 new Page Likes, and they are still rising and from this campaign. HOW? Because of a little trick I use. I make them “Like” the post to enter, and then you can click on everyone who reaction to the post (all 822 of them) and click “Invite” which will ask them to like your page. Not everyone will, but a ton will, and did. The catch is you can only invite 400 people per day. We got so many we had to break it up into 2 days!

He announced the winner via email, and then I told him to say “Today, everyone is a winner and gets [XX]% off breakfast!”
Now you have close to 1100 people opening this first email because they wanted to see who the winner was. Then they get a discount code to come in. We don’t have the full numbers on this YET as it is still very fresh, I will be keeping this updated. I asked him to keep track of who uses the coupon code so we can determine how many people came into the restaurant. I’m sure he is SLAMMED because he has been extremely busy the past 2 days ha!

Another great success!

If this intrigues you or you want help with your bar or restaurant promotions and getting customers in the door, please schedule a strategy session below with me and we can talk about what I can do for your place.

Case Study 2

So let’s talk about the campaign. First, due to NDAs and at the request of the restaurant, they wanted their info blurred out. So that is why the image is mostly blurred. But I kept the promotion text so you can better understand.

So this restaurant came to me saying they were struggling and probably only had 6 months left on the books before they would have to close down. They weren’t doing too many promotions, and relying on word of mouth. They said they weren’t doing much with email too.

I told them let’s fix that part right away, let’s do a campaign that will grow your email list very quickly. So we did a MEGA giveaway contest campaign.

Next I asked them what they were interested in giving away, and at first it was a low offer that no one would get excited about. Eventually we agreed upon a patio party. Has to have high value.

I went in and did all the facebook targeting, and ran a campaign for under a week and about $100 ad spend. They got SO much interest, contest entries, and in turn, emails.

Simple: people will do what you ask them to do, if the offer is worth it. So in the ad we told them to enter the contest, they have to like the post, then enter at the URL (which had name and email).

That’s all we needed to get close to 1,000 email opt ins. THEN, what I told him to do, is announce the winner via email. That will get almost everybody opening the email. They announce 1 winner, and on top of that, I told him to offer a promotion for everybody else. So I asked him what day he wants more people in his restuarant. He said Tuesday. So the promotion in the email was 20%  off for food on Tuesdays. Now, you have 900+ people seeing an offer for 20% off food.

They got so busy, I think they wound up extending the offer to Tues-Thurs.  Now, he is no longer struggling, he got new customers interested in his restuarant that weren’t before, and they are now recurring customers. He added at least $96,000 to his bottom line with these customers coming in and referring friends, etc.

All for a small promotion that only cost him a couple hundred dollars. How much would you spend to add 50 new lifetime customers to your bar or restaurant?

If this intrigues you or you want help with your bar or restaurant promotions and getting customers in the door, please schedule a strategy session below with me and we can talk about what I can do for your place.

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